A ‘Yellowstone’ coffee battle is brewing

Author:Gavin Addtime:2023/12/8 13:38:40 Click:85

There’s more drama percolating among the Yellowstone cast and crew, but this time the trouble is brewing off-screen.

Yellowstone’s creator and showrunner, Taylor Sheridan, is taking star Cole Hauser to court over their respective brands, accusing Hauser of “trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising,” according to a lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Texas on Nov. 21.

The court filing, reported by People, accuses Hauser’s newly launched Free Rein coffee logo of using a “mark confusingly similar to” Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch, noting that both companies use branding marks with two overlapping letters.

The Bosque Ranch is the name of the property where Yellowstone is filmed, and is owned by Sheridan. Its logo has the letters B and R, intertwined, in line with the branding designs ranch owners use to symbolize ownership. Bosque Ranch also has a coffee line, which features the ranch’s logo. Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on the Western series, also uses an intertwined F and R for his coffee logo.